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Welcome to Top Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd. 

Top Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of rotational molded plastic products. We are specialized in research and development of innovative rotomolding products that would bring people convenience in daily life. As a global supplier, TOP IDUSTRY GROUP continues its focus on proving high quality and superior service to our customers. 

Our rotomolding services cover the field of Portable Sanitary Industry, Medical Facilities, Catering Service (insulated food storage and transport equipment), Commercial and Communication. It encompasses the products of portable restroom, portable toilets, insulated medical incubator, first aid stretcher, insulated food and beverage transport carts, insulated food pan carriers, insulated beverage dispenser, meal service trolley, etc. 

The infinite possibilities of plastics had given much innovation to our design teams, thanks to rotational molded technology we can transforming customer's ideas or our own design into valued merchandise. Our rotational molded products allow customers to minimize their investment and lower their operation costs. 

Most of Top Rotomolding products are made of recyclable polyethylene by means of rotational molding. Mix the colorful toner into raw materials to get colorful plastic products. Never need spray coating to avoid pollution, they are environmental friendly.

We are growing steadily by forcing on our core value of striving for customers acclaim and satisfaction smile. This value guides our planning and ongoing investment in personal, technology, capacity and facilities to ensure a most competitive produce range meeting the diverse, global requirement of our customers. 

For any rotomolded products you are interested in, welcome to contact us and feel our warmness and we will reply you as soon as possible at your convience.
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