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  • The Basic Principle of Rotational Technique
    Posted: 06/12/2016 05:08:18  Hits: 99
    Rotomolding technology is also called rotational molding technology that put the plastic powder into the mold, so that the powder in the mold around the two vertical axes heat and rotate. Due to the rotation, powder changes unceasingly, and rubbers each other, the drag of its mold surface, which mak...
  • Species and Characteristics of Rotomolding Machine
    Posted: 05/30/2016 03:08:52  Hits: 95
    There are many different kinds of rotomolding machine, and it can be classified according to mechanical mechanism and heating methods. The mechanical structure. As far as machinery is concerned, rotational molding machine can be classified according to mold installation way (depending on countersha...
  • The Significance of Rotomolding Portable Toilets in Urban Construction
    Posted: 03/14/2016 05:19:18  Hits: 230
    Rotational molding portable sanitary is water-saving and has no pollution to the environment which can be widely used in locations with surrounding limitations such as large meeting space, squares, tourist attractions etc. With the expansion of its application, the rotomolding toilets have greatly f...
  • Features of Polyethylene – Major Material of Rotomolding Products
    Posted: 03/07/2016 04:42:41  Hits: 352
    Polyethylene is commonly used to produce rotational molding products and this kind of material has its own characteristics. 1. Due to the chemical features and non-polarity of its surface, polyethylene is difficult to adhere and print. Polyethylene is easy to have some chemical reaction such as pho...
  • Factors that Affect the Shrinkage of Rotomolding Products
    Posted: 01/18/2016 05:00:01  Hits: 264
    There are some important factors that have impact on the shrinkage of rotomolding products. 1. Impact of rotomolding technique. (1) When the temperature is same, while the pressure is increasing then the shrinkage is decreasing. (2) When the melt temperature is increasing, the shrinkage will be red...
  • Three Commonly Used Releasing Agent in Rotomolding Processing
    Posted: 01/14/2016 08:46:53  Hits: 305
    It’s common to use the auxiliary agent during rotomolding processing, and the most frequently used in the releasing agent. The releasing agent plays a significant role in the quality of rotomolding product, therefore, it’s essential to choose the appropriate releasing agent.  There...
  • How to Save Energy for Rotomolding Machine
    Posted: 12/29/2015 05:05:10  Hits: 200
    There are several methods of saving energy for rotomolding machine. 1.Reduce the gas thermal convection The gas thermal convection is a major way of heat dissipation, for the sealed rotomolding machine it has little impact. For the swing rotomolding machine, the mold is exposure to the air, the mol...
  • Processing Points for Polyethylene Rotomolding Products
    Posted: 12/18/2015 09:25:39  Hits: 187
    There are three key processing points for manufacturing polyethylene rotomolding products.  1.The releasing agent Due to the surface oxidation, the polyethylene powder may bond during heating. When the molds have some defects, the molten polyethylene will flow into these defects and form the e...
  • The Common Quality Problems of Rotomolding Products
    Posted: 12/07/2015 10:12:00  Hits: 428
    Rotomolding products have some obvious advantages, but the manufacturing technique still has some limitation. For instance, the products are easily to have bubbles internally and cavities externally, as well as bending, shrinkage and discoloration. These problems are not only influences appearance a...
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