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There are several types of rotational molding machines in general use including clamshell, shuttle, and carousel varieties which, although different in their specific design features, all work on the same principle.

About Top Roto Mold Technology                     About Top Roto Mold Technology
                              Heating Chamber                                                                           Control Center

About Top Roto Mold Technology                    About Top Roto Mold Technology
                                Rotomolding                                                                                Unload the Mold

The equipment used in rotational molding is relatively simple but has many variations. The most common type of rotomolding machine is a multiple-spindle or carousel machine. The spindles, each carrying a group of mold, are mounted on a central hub and driven by variable motor drives. The shuttle-type machine is used most often to rotomold larger parts. A frame for holding one mold is mounted on a movable bed. Incorporated in the bed are the drive motors for turning the mold biaxially. The bed is on a track that allows the mold and the bed to move into and out of the oven. After the heating cycle is complete, the mold is moved into a non-enclosed cooling station. A duplicate bed with a mold is then sent into the oven from the opposite end.
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