Custom Food Pan Carrier Rotomolding
  • Custom Food Pan Carrier Rotomolding
  • Custom Food Pan Carrier Rotomolding
Short Description
 Model No.: TRB -102    Hits: 583
China Custom Food Pan Carrier Rotomolding Maker: Custom Food Pan Carrier Rotomolding, One-piece, Seamless Construction, Interlock Stacking Structure. Accept Customized Color.

Key Specifications / Features

TOP insulated food transporter series is perfect for maintaining temperature sensitive goods without electrical equipment and any external heat sources or cold sources which make it suitable for off-site feeding and outdoor special events catering. 

Insulated front loading food pan carriers is the best choice of restaurant and catering contractor. The thick polyurethane foam insulation layer proving maximum temperature retention. It can make sure the main course, fruit, frozen dessert or drink, etc. to main fresh for a few hours during transportation.

Description: Insulated Beverage Service, Insulated Beverage Dispenser.
Code: TRB-102.
Insulation: Polyurethane foam.
Material: Polyethylene.
Color: Gray, Brown, Military Green, Orange, Black, Tan, Customized.
External Dimensions(LxWxH): 11" x 16" x 19"/26".
Weight: 7kgs/8.6kgs.
Capacity: 12L/20L.

* Rotational molding technology ensure impact resistance and long-term durability.
* One-piece, seamless construction, no seams to fail and leak-proof.
* Food grade LLDPE material, eco-friendly, non-toxic, corrosion resistant.
* 2.3" polyurethane (PU) perfect insulation.
* The silicon gasket seal.
* Vent cap equalizes internal pressure.
* Detachable door make clean effortless.
* Interlock stacking structure.
* ODM & OEM are available.
* High Quality and superior service.

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